Friday, March 30, 2012

The End of Slick Rick

What's that sound? I know, it sounds like "government nigg....of...theh..." Sounds like a stutter? It's so much more satisfying than that.

That is the sound of Rick Santorum committing political suicide. *POW*

Democrats will be sorry to see him go. You disagree? I don't. You see, if Rick Santorum somehow managed to gain the Republican nomination there would end up being a mass defection in the GOP voter ranks. If The Poor Little Rich Mormon won pretty much all Republicans would back him, even if he wasn't their first choice. But if Santorum won the nomination every Republican with half an ounce of sanity left would vote for Obama... not because they wanted four more years of Obama, but because they would rather live through that than see Santorum in the Oval Office for anything other than an ass kicking.

And while there will be many Santorum supporters who whine and snivel that he was not calling the President a n%$#!r, and even some who will scream "Yes he was, and Republican Jesus Bless him for it!" There will be more who quietly step away and fade into the shadows so as not to be in any way affiliated with him.

Slick Rick your time is done. I would say rest in peace but... nah. None for you, you racist, sexist, theist pig!

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