Friday, March 16, 2012


Every once in a while we see something that reminds us that not everyone 'on the other side of the line' is an idiot. Today's blog post by Filthy Liberal Scum, Justin Rosario, is one of them.

Look people, you can scream about fairness and political correctness all you want, but there are times when I draw the line. How women and children are treated in many other countries is one of them. Justin echoed my beliefs perfectly in his post. If your culture espouses the abuse of women and children simply because they're women and children, then your culture is screwed up. You're beliefs are wrong. Women are not property and children are not slaves.

It's sad, horrifying even, to hear about incidents where women and girls are forced to marry their rapists just so the family can 'save honor'. If that's your idea of honor then it is this Asatru's belief that you're going to spend eternity in the pit next to Loki. I want nothing to do with that warped sense of 'honor'. It's not honor. It's the exact opposite of honor.

Honor would be if the father and brothers of the rape victim hunted the rapist down and demanded he be prosecuted for his actions. Some might say hunt him down and kill him... slowly... but there is also honor in things like a fair trial. Honor is about justice, not saving face. Honor is about doing the right thing, not doing the popular thing. And if forcing an underage girl to marry her rapist is popular in your culture, then your culture should end.

The Filthy Liberal Scum will say that it should 'change'. But, no, I don't agree with that. Things like this evolve out far darker and deeper roots. If the vine is diseased the roots needs to go too. I'm sure I'll get bashed for that, but it's how I see it. Yup, my conservative side is showing. And I am unrepentant.

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