Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The GOP Magic Show

The GOP has been working overtime to put on a huge magic show for the American public. The show is not just for the benefit of their fans, but also for their rivals, the Democrats. And very few onlookers seem to be seeing the show for what it is: an illusion to keep us all distracted from the real issues facing America this election year. 

From Rick Santorum's cries of religious freedom to Rush Limbaugh's remarks about women who use birth control, the GOP has manged to keep the majority of America captivated with their three-ring circus. But, birth control is not an issue this year. It hasn't been an issue for 60 years. The real issues, that the GOP is terrified registered voters will remember, is the economy and jobs.

Why doesn't the GOP want us to remember this? Because there has been a significant decrease in unemployment over the last year under a Democratic president. A president who is intent on staying in office for a second term. If the American public remembers that it's jobs we should be thinking about they might start realizing that this Democratic president took a huge mess and actually made some headway in cleaning it up. That might earn him votes!

Unfortunately, Liberals are playing right into the GOP's hands. Every time the GOP, or some member of their ranks, makes ridiculous statements or inflammatory remarks about birth control Liberals go into a frenzy. Screaming and yelling begins, things start flying across the room, and hour upon hour of tv time and page upon page of written media pours out on the birth control issue. "How dare they!" "War on Women" and more start flooding the lives of everyday Americans. All of this, from both sides, ends up distracting voters from the actual issues regarding this year's election.

And the American public eats it all up. After all, it's easier to forget that you're broke when you have something to entertain you or piss you off.

So, what we have is the GOP standing on a stage with it's arms spread wide. In one hand they have a nice bright, shiny sparkler. The Liberals are watching, entranced, eyes fixed on the sparkler, while John Q. Public watches them.

And all the while, in the GOP's other hand, the one no one is paying attention to, our economy and jobs are being covered up.

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